Saturday, August 27, 2011


OK, you have to understand where I am coming from.  We have two dogs that share our home.  They follow me around everywhere.  I get up from my chair and they are at my feet ready to follow.  I pour myself cereal in the mornings and they are at my feet waiting for that first slice of banana.  Time to check my e-mail and they are at my feet again!  Zoey will hop in my lap and Yogi will lay under the desk.  So I believe...
there is NO feeling in the world greater than hugging a furry friend and feeling that soft, warm fur!!
So when my daughter snapped this photo last night I had to post it on my blog.  They look so cute and snugly that I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot!
Do you notice something odd in the photo?  You can win a million dollars if you find it.  (NOT)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


 I belong to this wonderful group of ladies which is why I wanted to participate in the 911 Show that I spoke of yesterday.

Fiber Artists for Hope

The Fiber Artists For Hope (FAH) is a group of 58 racially diverse women from all over America, ranging in age from mid 30’s to 70’s. The group formed in November of 2008 to exhibit art quilts that celebrated the election of Barack Obama, the first African-American President of the United States.

FAH’s first exhibition opened on February 9 and ran until March 5, 2009 at The King Street Gallery of The Caftriz Foundation Arts Center of Montgomery College in Silver Spring, MD, curated by artist Susan Walen and professor Mary Staley.

Many of these same artists contributed to Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi's exhibit and book, Journey of Hope: Quilts Inspired by President Barack Obama.  (my quilt is in the book)!

Within the professional genre of art quilting, most groups are homogeneous, this is the first group the artists know of that contains such a vibrant balance of races. These artists value the trust they have built with each other and are very excited to express their feelings, present their research, tell their own stories, and most importantly, support each other, once again, in another powerful exhibit about an important social issue.

The group keeps in touch and collaborates through an online group. The quilts can be seen at this link if you missed the show:

Friday, August 19, 2011


This is the quilt that I made for a 911 show coming up in Chicago.  It is the ten year anniversary of that horrible day that changed the world forever!   The size of the quilt is 9"x11".  Materials used were cotton batik fabric, recycled clothing, a man's tie, printed text and seed beads.

Here is the link to the show. 

September 11, 2001 was a dark day in the United States of America.  The attacks changed forever the way we viewed our security and our place in the world. 
It greatly affected me by witnessing it live on television that fateful morning. My innocence was shattered in a second! But our effort to rise to the challenges of a new era has brought our country closer together and recaptured the American spirit.
I chose to include two panels of the American flag.  Its message is clear!
Red-stands for hardiness and valor
White-symbolizes purity and innocence
Blue-represents for vigilance, perseverance, and justice
This quilt is a tribute to all of the men and women who made it possible for life to move forward.  My quilt shows new buildings and new life after ten years have passed.  There are people pushing strollers down the street once again.   From ashes of destruction America will rise to meet her enemies. WE WILL NEVER FORGET and we will reclaim ground zero!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


We bought an underwater camera before our Carnival cruise so that we could play with it for the week.  The pictures actually came out pretty good under the water but not on top.  These photos were taken in the swimming pool on the ship.  It is salt water but you wouldn't know that unless I told you.

 I love how the water distorts the photograph.  It is very soothing to me.  We had a lot of fun together for the week.